Eddy Temple-Morris

If Eddy Temple-Morris were writing this himself, he’d have to say he discovered penicillin, staged the first cross-channel flight and once had a dog called Snoopy – largely because he’d be mixing other people’s biogs in with his own.Since launching Xfm’s legendary (and twice Sony Award nominated) dance-rock crossover radio show, The Remix (now the biggest specialist show on the station), nearly ten years ago, Eddy’s become the undisputed champion not just of genre-hopping but of genre-breeding, slipping enough pills into dance music’s pint until it finds itself curled up in the corner of the room with rock’s dangly bits in its mouth.It’s why artists from Kasabian to Liam Howlett (The Prodigy) rate his presenting skills, his DJing skills and his-hat-wearing skills above any other’s. It’s why his Losers remixes have graced recent b-sides from the likes of The Prodigy, Placebo and Snow Patrol, why ‘Patrol’s frontman Gary Lightbody calls him ‘twisted genius’. It’s why the man behind Manumission rates Eddy as “the future of Ibiza” and why he’s Pendulum’s favourite tour DJ.Wherever music makes people feel better, that’s where you’ll find Eddy. You’ll know his voice from the radio (Chris Evans once called him the coolest man working in the medium). You’ll know his immaculately groomed armpits from the clubs, where his The Remix, Remix Allnighter at SEOne and at MATTER clubnights are or were consistently among the best-reviewed parties available to the UK and Ibiza’s hedonists. You might have seen his name on Ibiza Rocks posters the year it started, he was the first host and resident in year 1. You may have seen him play the main rooms at Manumission, or Ministry Of Sound. You may even know his face or voice from MTV’s groundbreaking Up For It Live show, from his stand-in spots filling in for Zane Lowe on MTV2’s Gonzo, and from all manner of shows on ITV, Channel 4 ,Five, or Radio One. Countless artists owe their careers to the fact they were discovered by Eddy, not least 2ManyDJs, Simian Mobile Disco, Kasabian, Justice, Sub Focus, Alex Metric, Pendulum, and Fenech Soler. But none of this is terribly important. The thing you really need to know about Eddy is that his lust for life makes Iggy Pop look like Marvin The Paranoid Android. His eyes shine so bright that moths frequently fly into them on foggy nights. To put it simply, he’s the happiest bugger you could ever hope to meet – not because of his success (and certainly not because of his fame), but simply because, when God was handing out bitchiness and egotism, Elton John was ahead of him in the queue.And then he went back for seconds.Eddy Temple-Morris, then. He’s gifted. He’s passionate. He’s a fucking brilliant DJ. And he’s incredibly proud of that Nobel Peace Prize.

(bio written by Robin Bresnark)